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My name is Michael Meza (aka Mobile Mike) and I’m the owner of Santa Rosa Cartunes. I grew up in the mobile electronics industry. As a child I played in the shop and was exposed to all the neat things about cars. My stepfather Hugo Ocon, worked at one of the original car audio shops in San Francisco. After leaving the United States Air Force, I immediately went back to work with him in the family car audio business. Hugo fine-tuned my skills in all aspects of this industry. I am so grateful for what he did to teach me and give me a basis of what I know today.


Hugo Ocon (1950 - 2011)

Car audio and mobile electronics have come a long way since the days of under-dash record players. It was the cutting-edge technology at the time, though, and people loved being able to take control of the songs coming through their speakers and not just listen to whatever was on the radio. That desire to be different, unique, and in control of the sound has only grown with our love of the music itself. The only thing that has changed is the technology and our skill base with it.

Our team stays up to date on trends, methods, and solutions to make sure your vehicle gets the best treatment possible. We have been serving the North Bay community since 1984 and over 160,000 cars have come through our shop since then. We will continue to strive for the best service, quality merchandise, and customer satisfaction for many years to come as we are truly a family business. Just like I learned from my stepfather, my children have learned from me and one day they will take the reins.

Mike and his family

Mike and his family

Here at Cartunes, we understand the passion and love you have for your car, and it is our promise to you that we will take good care of it. Along with car audio and video equipment, Cartunes specializes in 3M Auto Tinting, navigation systems, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, back-up cameras, collision avoidance, high-definition audio, bass packages, and much more. Cartunes sells all of the components for systems we install. We carry brands such as Alpine, JVC, Sony, Pioneer, Audison, Kenwood, Phoenix Gold, Memphis, and Hertz. Our vehicle experts and technicians have many years of combined experience and are here to assist you six days per week.


“The formula we use for keeping our customers happy is this: Always be honest, believe in what you’re doing, listen to what the customer wants, and try your hardest to make it happen. That isn’t always easy—but it is always possible with willingness and the right attitude.”