Santa Rosa Cartunes

Where Every Listening Experience Becomes An Emotional Experience

Jesus M.


Good and friendly Mike is awesome

Aaron S.


Went and got a new stereo installed on a whim yesterday. Was able to make an appointment for it same day I walked in, which is nice since I'm from out of town. Their prices are reasonable and the place seems professional. I appreciated the walkthrough for the stereo after installation to connect Bluetooth and such. It took about a half hour longer than they had said but I didn't mind . Seems like a family run business and I always love seeing that. Thanks Cartunes! I also came back in the next day to inquire about their magic mounts for your cell in the car, and they were sold out. But the kind man who owns the business found one in the back and gave it to me free of charge! He even went out of his way to find the proper cleaner to help attach my new mount . Thanks again! Would return !

jonathan l.



Great people, good customer service, very reasonable prices. Highly recommend!

Hunter R.



The perfect place for honesty, courtesy and great prices. Had the windows tinted here. They are perfect.

Chris K.



Cartunes tinted all my truck windows because my two year old daughter was screaming every time the sun would hit her eyes. The manager Jeff, took the time to listen to why we were tinting the windows and made a prompt appointment first thing the next morning and somehow whipped out 5 windows in just a couple hours. When i picked it up, they took the time to explain everything i needed to know and even put tape over the window controllers which saved the tint at least 3 times. The result: the best window tint job I've ever seen, and my daughter is happy too. Jeff was professional, informative and very friendly. I'd recommend this place to anyone! Put it this way, if my mother asked where she should take her car somewhere for stereo related stuff or window tint, without hesitation I'd send her to Cartunes in Santa Rosa Ca and ask for Jeff.

Rachel F.



Had an amp and a 12 inch sub installed. Jeff was patient with me and walked me through my options.  After giving him the price point I was thinking about he set me up with a package and had it installed that same day.

Go in knowing what you want and what you need. Be clear about what your options are and these guys and gals will set you up just fine.

I've gone to them a few times and will continue to do so with all of my stereo needs. Next up is a new deck!

Razor W.


Jeff is outstanding to work with. Knowledgeable and friendly. Thumbs up big time...Razor!

Renee P.



Can not say enough about Michael's service. We ran into a glitch and he went above an beyond to resolve our issue. Installed a new screen for
our Volvo camera in Santa Rosa and the following day actually drove down to Corte Madera to deliver our garage door opener, accidentally left behind when we picked up our vehicle, and the instructions for the item we purchased. That is FABULOUS SERVICE and the monitor for our
back up camera is outstanding. THANKS MICHAEL, The Peters, H & R

Dannielle D.


I took my truck in 16 years ago to get aftermarket electronic car locks put in. After the initial install loud cars where setting off the alarm, they adjusted it and told me if it was still too sensitive come back and they will adjust it more. Then several years later when I locked the door it immediately unlocked. I stopped by and they opened up the door panel and found the problem, something had turned 180*. They were wondering if any work had been done in the door panel because it was so weird after years of use. They fixed it at no charge. 

Since they treated me well then I went back to replace the lock system since the Key fob was no longer working correctly. One I went swimming with in my pocket and the other was worn and broken from years of use and replacements where no longer available. Since they treated me so well the first time I went back to them. 

Michael was great and treated me well, again. He said they could do it that day if I wanted and offered me a free loaner car so I could continue my work day meetings and appointments.When he found out they had originally put in the system years ago he call his other store and had my records sent over telling them that since I was a returning customer he wanted to reduce the charge. I was amazed he had my records from back then. Since they put in the original system he reduces the price from $400 for the lock system and alarm to $250. He said that because they did the original work there was aspects they could still use like the siren/horn part.

They called me a few hours later and said it was done. I picked it up and returned their car. It was done well and they charged the lower price as quoted. BONUS... now when I start my car the doors lock and when I turn off the key they unlock instantly. The old system did not do that.

I will happily use them again and do not hesitate to recommend them.




Well, they didn't actually work on my vehicle but that's why they get the five stars.  I had been having problems with the speakers in my 2002 VW and I figured they were just old.  I called and was able to make an appointment within just a couple of days.  They were ready for me immediately when I arrived at the appointed hour.  The technician came out and listened to the music system and rotated through all the speakers and all were working appropriately.  He could have ripped me off royally since I know nothing about speakers and cars but, instead, he suggested a couple of things that might be causing the problem and said it didn't look to him as if there was a need for any work or new speakers.  I appreciate his professionalism and honesty.  I would definitely recommend this establishment.

Matthew C.


In 2008 I spend about 6k getting my Scion tC done up with the best of the best, and that car was my favorite. 

After having kids though, I sold my Scion and bought a minivan. Recently the crappy radio in it drove me nuts and so I went in, got a new stereo with Bluetooth, so I can listen to my phone music wirelessly, and hands free phone capability, installed for only $350! AND, they gave me and my family a free loaner while they did the work! Also I had tinting done by them before and it was outstanding. 

To me that is above and beyond. Both big Mike and Jr run a great shop. I highly recommend them.

Nelly R.



I recently took my new car here to get tinted and the girl who helped me out was amazing. She clearly went over all of my options and told me ahead of time what to expect for the next few days! They did an exceptional job on my window tinting and the prices were reasonable. Very pleased with the service :)

F Hamilton



Cartunes has installed a few stereos, bluetooth and back up cameras in my vehicles over the last 20 years. They offer great pricing, installation and have always stood behind their products and installs. I'm super finicky and they've delivered every time. Much appreciated!

Joe M.



Excellent installation of an Alpine CarPlay system with Andriod CarPlay installed and instruction. Sounds great, I was in and out fast. I have had no problems with the system. The staff was friendly, professional and helpful. They answered all my questions and went out of their way to provide excellent service. I would recommend and I plan to use them again for my car electronics needs. Thanks Mike!

ranger 11



Excellent Car Sound System Options, and Excellent Installation Services. I Highly Recommend Santa Rosa CarTunes I Just got a Whole New Top of the Line Alpine Car Stereo System and Subwoofer Installed after purchasing it from SR Cartunes and I'm very, very happy

Jody D.



Nice people, speedy service, prices and service better than Best Buy for sure. I'm enjoying my new radio from them a lot.

Gordon F.



The price on their back up camera and radio are better than any others in the area. The service was excellent and they installed in the time they quoted. I am thrilled with the back up camera and helped me avoid two collisions in crowed shopping centers. They should be standard on all new cars. The instruction on the radio and bluetooth was complete and understandable.

Very pleased with this company and its staff.

David B.



Overall satisfactory experience. Enticed me in with the sale sign. Sold me the wrong size speaker for my car. Corrected the mistake by selling me speakers 4 times costlier with a very small mark-up. Happy with my new speakers.

Kaelyn K.


Mike runs a great place, Troy is the man! Great installer.

Jeremie F.



Finally got my stereo it's apple compatible and I love it they did it quick and everything works great!

Todd H.


This place has great staff ! I came in for a quote and they offered to do the work while I waited and it was done for a third of what I thought it would be. I will be back! They will earn your business!


Rudy P.



I stopped in last Tues. after getting out of Jury duty early.  I was told by Hansel Honda months ago that they could not connect a new stereo to my steering wheel controls.
Well, wrong! The guy at Cartunes said "not true." I picked out a stereo, (I wasn't too picky, got a good Kenwood.) He asked if I wanted to do it now, of course I said yes, and was done in less than 1 hour!! Very professional install---looks factory installed.
Talk about ecstatic! I actually got something accomplished with zero effort and zero run arounds. All works perfectly, and I have music now.
I even got help with how to work the stereo. So if you want straight up service and don't have a lot of time to spend, this is where to go.

Cynthia H.



I love these guys. My husband is the general manager of North Bay Nissan and Hyundai Of Petaluma and they have tinted hundreds of cars for them. They always do an amazing job. Mike is a great guy!!


Splash B.



I just had a JVC 820 and 4 Hertz speakers installed in my 2004 Dodge Ram. I'm not a power user by any means but the upgrade sounds great. 
Michael took the time to show me all the options available then let me decide no pressure. 
Price was great everything worked as promised and the installation technician found some wires that were about to break from rubbing and fixed them at no charge. 
Overall I was very happy with the work, customer service, price and out come. 
Thanks again you did great.

Connie W.


I have gone to Cartunes for many years. I always have excellent service.  I have had every radio installed and they are always helpful to help when there is a problem....often taking care of the problem at no charge....they always start on time and explain what was done....I will continue going to them.

Nate J.



Had a great experience with this company and surprised to see such low rating on here. I called about a radio not even installed by them, made an appointment easily for same day service, had my problem fixed for a fair price and left a happy customer. From beginning to end of the process I was well informed and they even took the time to show me exactly what was wrong before and what they did to fix it. I plan on recommending this place from now on and will continue to give them my business in the future.

Steve B.


I had Cartunes install a dash cam into my 2014 Subaru Forester.  The system I had installed had a rear camera, as well as a front camera.  I purchased the equipment from another source, not from Cartunes. Prior to the installation, the technicians consulted with me as to the placement of the two cameras inside the vehicle. The quality of the installation was outstanding.   The connection from the rear camera to the front camera was completely concealed within the headliner.  The connection of the front camera to the car's electrical system was also completely concealed within the headliner.  I wanted to have the electrical connection be hard-wired to the car's electrical system, and not into the cigarette lighter.  Doing this was no big deal for Cartunes and was professionally done. After the installation, the installing technician went over the work with me and together we tested the system to make sure both cameras were functioning correctly.  I'm very pleased with my dash cam installation and recommend Cartunes.