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With its ultra-wide 162-degree front camera and wide 139-degree rear camera angle, your vehicle is well protected while driving or parked.
The front 8-megapixel sensor produces spectacular 4K Ultra HD footage, letting you read license plates from farther away.
With H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), the video files stay small so you can record for as long as a standard Full HD dashcam.
DR900S-2CH also features dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi for super fast file transfer to your phone.


Discover the 4K difference

4K in a dashcam is not a gimmick. It is a game-changer.
It is not about playing videos on a giant screen–although you could do that too. It’s about providing video proof.
A dashcam is only as good as its ability to capture crucial details–usually license plate numbers.
The 8-megapixel 4K UHD sensor does just that by capturing 4 times as many pixels as in Full HD.
And with its fast shutter speed, details are frozen in place.
Just pause and zoom in.

No need to sacrifice recording time

With bigger resolution come bigger files…unless you have better compression.
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265) is the standard in 4K video broadcasting and streaming.
With HEVC, you get great-looking 4K videos but same recording time as a regular Full HD dashcam.
Who said you can’t have it all?


Amazingly fast Wi-Fi transfer speed

Transfer files to your phone either fast or…very fast!
The dual-band built-in Wi-Fi of the DR900S Series allows twice faster transfer in 5GHz mode.
With BlackVue’s Sub-Stream technology, Quick Play versions of the videos are saved along the originals.
No more lengthy buffering when browsing videos over Wi-Fi or the Cloud!


Secure Memory Management

Event Files Overwrite Protection:

Dashcams record in a loop, overwriting older files when the memory is full. BlackVue DR900S-2CH can prevent Event files (triggered manually or by impacts) overwriting. Up to fifty (50) files can be protected this way. You can choose to allow new Event files to overwrite past Event files, thus keeping the latest fifty.

Adaptive Format-Free File Management

This BlackVue-developed file system improves recording stability and requires less microSD card formatting.


Manage Videos Easily with the BlackVue App and Viewer

The BlackVue App (iOS/Android) and Viewer (Windows/Mac OS) are free to download and use.
Both allow you to change settings and review videos sorted by time and type (Normal/Event/Parking).
With the BlackVue App, connect via Wi-Fi to your dashcam to retrieve videos on the spot.


Check on your car from anywhere, anytime with BlackVue Over the Cloud

Enjoy remote Live View and Push Notifications to your phone.
Back up important videos to the Cloud remotely.
Play and download videos from your dashcam’s memory or the Cloud from anywhere.




What is BlackVue Over the Cloud?

State-of-the-art dashcam technology meets Cloud ubiquity.

Push Notifications, real-time video and GPS-tracking, Cloud backup, the possibilities are endless. BlackVue Over the Cloud is all about using your dashcam to its full potential, so that you and your car are always connected.


How does it work?

Cloud Dashcam + Internet Connection + BlackVue App/Viewer

Taking advantage of a mobile or car-embedded Internet connection and a BlackVue dashcam, BlackVue Over the Cloud connects you to your car through the Cloud. Using the BlackVue App on your smartphone or tablet, you see in real time where your car is located and what is happening around it.


How can BlackVue Over the Cloud benefit you?

Individual? Taxi/rideshare driver? Business with a fleet of vehicles? BlackVue Over the Cloud has something for you.



Get notifications to your phone when you parked car is hit.
Check remotely what is happening around your car.

Small business owner? 

Monitor your commercial vehicles on a map in real time and talk to your drivers anytime through the BlackVue App or Viewer. 

Company with large fleet? 

With BlackVue Fleet Tracking, track in real time up to 100 vehicles from the palm of your hand or with the dedicated BlackVue Viewer Pro. 

Packed with Innovative Features

Remote Live View, Alert Push Notification, GPS Tracking, Two-way Voice Communication, Video Backup, Remote Video Playback, the possibilities are endless.

With BlackVue Over the Cloud, unlock your dashcam’s full potential.


Alert Push Notifications

Receive notifications on your phone when preset events occur. Great in combination with BlackVue’s Parking Mode.


Two-way Voice Communication

Talk with people in the car from your smartphone. The driver can speak while keeping hands on the wheel.


Live Auto-Upload

Save a video stream in real time to the Cloud. Protect yourself from break-ins and theft. Learn more.


Remote Live View

Remotely monitor your car in real time from anywhere, anytime.


GPS Tracking

Visualize on a map your car’s location and speed.
With BlackVue Fleet Tracking, access 90-days’ worth of GPS data.


Cloud FOTA

Upgrade your dashcam’s firmware easily over the Cloud. Learn more.


Video Backup/Auto-Upload

Back up videos to  your phone or Cloud storage.
Live Auto-Upload: save Event files in real time to the Cloud! Learn More.


Remote Video Playback

Play videos stored in the Cloud or in your dashcam anytime on your smartphone or tablet

our blackvue dashcams:


Cloud Dashcams
Starting at $285.99


wifi Dashcams
Starting at $175.99


simple Dashcams
Starting at $135.99




Automotive Security Camera
Capture all 360 degrees of truth while you drive and when you park.


Truth is in Sight

Trouble doesn’t have blind spots or pause when you park your car. 
Neither should your car security solution.

Secure360 is the only automotive security camera that records in 360 degrees, whether you’re in the car or not, securing the truth to protect you from misinformation.

Rest Easy with Total Coverage

Secure360 is a total car security solution that blends multiple sensing technologies to see trouble, anticipate risks and capture events whether you’re in the car or away from it for an extended period of time.


Witness everything

360° Video

Whether a bump in a parking lot or collision during your commute, the Secure360's interior and exterior views eliminate confusion about what happened.


Always alert

360 Hours of Operation

Internal radar, GPS, and 3-axis accelerometer work together, staying alert to unusual events for an unprecedented 360 hours without draining your battery.


Sleep with one eye open

360 Protection

The Secure360's low-power design allows the Secure360 to sleep with one eye open, sensing motion and impact even when you aren’t near your car.

Hold Peace-of-Mind 
in the Palm of Your Hand


The Waylens Secure app puts you in control. Access video data. Add highlights. Upload video to the cloud. Choose from multiple viewing modes of video evidence to see the full story.

Immersive & Split Screen View Mode

The Secure360 app puts you in control of how you view your videos. Watch and control 360° video in the immersive panoramic view by swiping the screen in the app. See everything happening at once in split screen mode, which shows an interior and exterior 180° view.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 1.06.11 PM.png

Intelligent Design That Does the Thinking for You


A single lens provides a truly seamless 360-degree view in and around your car

Advanced HDR engine with multi-exposure fusion and motion artifact reduction provide crystal clear video

IR LEDs help the Secure360 see in low light conditions, even in the dark

The deliberate absence of a battery in the camera body and a novel spiral architecture optimizes heat dissipation to perform under extreme conditions

High-performance Ambarella camera processor manages an abundance of visual data, providing sharp and clear video

Fusion of radar, 3-axis accelerometer, and GPS provide intelligent event detection for your parked vehicle

Low-power sensors sleep with one eye open, protecting an unattended vehicle for an unprecedented 360 hours or 15 days


High-speed 4G bandwidth delivers live alerts and gives you the ability to monitor your car in real-time from any location

Automatic uploading of event video to the Waylens Cloud keeps evidence secure and available for on-demand access

Built-in GPS technology provides location data to help you find your car



Prices vary greatly based on vehicle. Come in to the store to receive a free consultation!

The new ESCORT M1 dash cam records the road ahead in 1080p high definition quality and is optimized for both day and night recording.  The M1 is designed to attach to most ESCORT detector mounts while also using the same power source to operate the dash cam and detector. This integration eliminates the need for additional cords and power sources in the car and creates a single space on the windshield for both the detection unit and dash cam.  

The M1 is controlled through the ESCORT M1 app via Wi-Fi connectivity. Through the app, drivers can control the dash cam functionality including resolution and settings.  The ESCORT M1 app also lets users download footage from the dash cam directly to their smart devices, so it can be shared instantly with insurance companies or other parties.

The Emergency Record Button and G-Sensor allow the M1 to lock down important video files in cases of emergency, whether by manual activation or by collision detection.  Super-capacitor technology allows the ESCORT M1 to withstand extreme car temperatures.

The ESCORT M1 requires a compatible detector, detector mount and cord.