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Tired of trying to guess how close your car is to the curb or the garage wall when trying to park? Now you can see exactly how close you are to garage walls and curbs,  automatically, with no switches to activate.  Curb Alert Park View Pro senses the space available and turns on a front camera in addition to providing a quick three-beep audible alert. Parking has never been easier thanks to the Curb Alert Park View PRO, the first and only auto-trigger front camera parking aid system.

The Curb Alert Park View PRO builds off the existing patented Curb Alert PRO to become the next evolution in helpful parking aids. This highly reliable and easy to install front camera system will save you thousands of dollars by protecting your vehicle’s front end from accidental parking damage.

The included camera automatically activates when the sensor picks up an approaching curb or garage wall. You’ll see a front camera view of whatever is in front of your vehicle on your existing factory display radio (requires separate display interface), aftermarket display head unit or LCD mirror display (not included). The system will display the parking view for 10 seconds giving you ample time to park.

Protect your vehicle's front end and make vehicle parking stress free with the new Curb Alert Park View PRO.



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As new cars hit the roads with advanced safety features, drivers of older cars may wish they had access to the same vehicle technology being offered... and now they can. The ADAS + Advanced Driver Assistance System is a forward crash and lane departure warning system with the added benefit of a built-in digital video recorder (DVR).

With the ADAS + Advanced Driver Assistance System, you will enjoy benefits such as:

NEW! Automatic Calibration
Quicker and easier installation

Forward Collision Avoidance
A front camera watches and calculates distances to vehicles in front of the driver, alerting them to an impending crash if the distance between vehicles becomes too close.

Lane Departure Warning
While driving, the front facing camera is monitoring the vehicle’s position within its driving lane. If a lane departure is detected without the use of a turn signal, the ADAS will alert the driver.

Pedestrian Detection
System watches for pedestrian crosswalks and detects when people are crossing in front of traffic

Forward Car Departure Alert
The ADAS system continuously watches traffic and if it comes to a standstill, the system will alert the driver that the flow of traffic has resumed if their attention has shifted elsewhere.

Motorcycle Collision Alert
Detects small vehicles including motorcycles to prevent collision

Safe Distance Alert
Generates a safe distance in front of your vehicle to prevent tail gating

Virtual Bumper
Generates a virtual bumper length in front of your vehicle to prevent tail gaiting

Video & Event Recording
Sadly, some accidents are unavoidable. The ADAS + can help provide drivers with peace of mind in the event of a crash knowing they have the whole event recorded. The system records audio as well as front and rear camera views to an included 32GB micro SD card, automatically, if it senses an impact. GPS data is also included. Recording can also be triggered manually at the push of a button, and for fleet managers, the touch screen can be password protected to prevent disabling the system.

In addition, the system records even when you're away from your vehicle. If any impact is detected the system automatically records the event.