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A blind spot monitoring system is a great investment in improving the safety of you and those around you while driving in heavy traffic, changing lanes, or merging into traffic. While different blind zone systems work in different ways, they all have the same goal: to help you find out if there's an unseen vehicle in your blind spots.



  • Bright day-night indicators cleanly mount at bottom of windshield trim; no exposed wires

  • System uses a CAN-wire connection to activate only when vehicle speed is greater than 15 mph

  • New upgraded RDBS-1500 "sees" 15 feet further behind then vehicle than our original system

  • Audible tone and visual warning light alerts driver when vehicle is in blind spot and turn signal is activated

  • Detection range of approximately 40ft behind vehicle

  • Built-in rear cross-traffic alert senses vehicles approaching from the sides (helpful when backing out of a parking spot)

  • Foam wrapped interior connections eliminate any noise or rattle

  • System ignores stationary objects - minimizing false warnings

  • Accurately monitors the lane next to the vehicle without triggering warnings for vehicles two lanes over

  • Senses everything in size from motorcycles to semi trucks



This system is equipped with interior LED indicators for audio and visual alerts that is activated with the new added rear cross traffic feature which senses vehicles approaching while in reverse as well as the standard vehicles, people or objects entering the blind spot of the vehicle.


  • Equipped with Rear Cross Traffic which alerts the driver of vehicles approaching from the left or right while in reverse

  • License Plate Frame has Built-in Blind spot radar sensors located at the bottom for simplified professional installation

  • Blind Spot adjustable Speed activation is set to a standard of 20mph and built-in the modules GPS Technology

  • Audible and Visual interior LED indicator alerts

  • Waterproof IP67 rated

F-150 Radar Blind Spot System

Get award winning Radar Blind Spot Detection now for your Truck! This is the one retrofit Radar Blind Spot monitoring and detection system that works like an original equipment-based system. Based on components validated by Toyota, it works closer to the systems found on new vehicles than any other system available. Newly updated and improved from our original system, Brandmotion’s radar-based system works with any 2015-2019 Ford F150 Trim Levels and offers the only system based on automaker-validated original equipment components, resulting in true OEM-like fit, finish and performance. Brandmotion offers the first after market solution to include cross traffic detection as well as the first system to eliminate 95% of false triggers common in other systems.

The system uses CAN data to accurately obtain vehicle speed.


Late-Model Truck Tail Light Blind Spot Detection systems

This system brings Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) aftermarket customization one step further, bringing OEM Factory-Fit Replacement Tail Lights with Built-In Blind Spot Detection to the market!

Ford F-150 Applications Available Now!

Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra Applications Coming Soon!